Common specs

light color White 6000K
lead length 0.7m
cable color Black
connector Black 2-pin plug (Molex Part 151049-2206) (Rev A, prior to July 2022)
Black 2-pin plug (Molex Part 50579402) (Rev B, July 2022 and later)
CAD model Onshape
Purchase The FarmBot Shop
notes LED strip should NOT have an adhesive backing. Cut end must be dipped in silicon to seal.

Variant specs

LED Strip - 1.5m

strip length 1.5m
Price $25.00
Quantity - Genesis 1
Quantity - Genesis XL 0
internal-part-name LED Strip - 24V, 1.5m (Genesis)
rev B
cost $6.60

LED Strip - 3m

strip length 3m
Price $50.00
Quantity - Genesis 0
Quantity - Genesis XL 1
internal-part-name LED Strip - 24V, 3.0m (Genesis XL)
rev B
cost $12.00

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Connector Connect the LED strip to a Farmduino peripheral plug. Part should connect as expected N/A
Cable color Inspect the color of the cable. Black N/A
Cable length Measure the length of the cable using a measuring tape. See BOM spec +/- 20mm
LED color Turn on an LED strip and inspect the color of the light. Cool white (6000K) N/A
LED strip length Measure the length of the LED strip using a measuring tape. See BOM spec +/- 30mm
LED strip cut end Inspect the cut end of the LED strip. Cut end should be sealed with silicon rubber N/A
Double-sided tape Inspect the LED strip for double-sided tape. The part should not have any tape or other adhesives along its length N/A