Inspect the UTM o-rings

It is possible that intense temperature and adverse weather cycles could degrade the rubber o-rings on the bottom of the UTM.

Once per year

Inspect the o-rings to ensure they are not cracked, broken, or otherwise degraded to the point of sealing ineffectively. If any damage is found, replace them as soon as possible.

Remove magnet debris

It is possible for dust, soil, and other debris to magnetically attract to the UTM and Tool magnets and build up over time. This debris can prevent the UTM from correctly mounting tools.

Every three months

Inspect the UTM and Tool magnets for debris. If any is found, remove the M5 locknut and screw holding the magnet in place and remove the magnet for cleaning.

Remove internal needle debris

It is possible for dust, soil, and other debris to become stuck inside of seed injector’s luer lock needles. This can cause a loss of seed suction power and prevent the seed injector from working reliably.

Every three months

Wash out the inside of the seed injector needle by running warm water through it. If debris becomes permanently lodged inside the needle you will need to replace the needle.

Dissolve mineral buildup in the watering nozzle

It is possible - depending on your water source - for the watering nozzle to slowly become clogged with mineral buildup and other deposits. This can prevent FarmBot from watering the correct amount for each plant and can also cause uneven spray.

Every 6 months

Inspect the watering nozzle for any deposits or unusual spray patterns. To remove mineral buildup, soak your watering nozzle in a bowl of distilled white vinegar and hot water for a few hours. This should dissolve most things. If needed, use a toothpick, thumbtack, or paperclip to remove any debris left in the nozzle holes.

Remove weeder and soil sensor debris

It is possible for dirt and other debris to become stuck between the weeder implements or build up on the contacts of the soil sensor which could cause inaccurate readings.

Every 3 months

Clean the tools of any debris using a damp rag. Ensure that the soil sensor PCB is dry before using it after cleaning.

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