Genesis Genesis XL
Part Notes Price Cost Qty Subtotal Subtotal Qty Subtotal Subtotal
Gantry Column Gantry Column - 500mm Rev C --- $15.00 $3.40 2 $30.00 $6.80 2 $30.00 $6.80
Gantry Main Beam Extrusion - 20mm x 60mm x 1500mm (Gantry Main Beam) --- $35.00 $11.60 1 $35.00 $11.60 2 $70.00 $23.20
Track Extrusion Track Extrusion - 1500mm Rev B --- $20.00 $3.90 4 $80.00 $15.60 8 $160.00 $31.20
Z-Axis Extrusion Extrusion - 20mm x 20mm x 1000mm (Z-axis) --- $20.00 $3.10 1 $20.00 $3.10 1 $20.00 $3.10
TOTAL 8 $165.00 $37.10 13 $280.00 $64.30

Component tests

Size and shape

Test Description Target Tolerance
Length Measure the length of each extrusion with a measuring tape. See spec in BOM listing +/- 2mm
Profile Measure the outer width and outer height of each extrusion profile using calipers. See spec in BOM listing +/- 0.25mm
Straightness Place the extrusion on a reference table with a flatness tolerance of 0.5mm per 1m or better. 0mm deviation + 3mm
Square ends Measure the angle of the cut ends relative to the four major faces of the extrusion using a digital angle finder. 90 deg +/- 0.5 deg
Deburred Inspect cut ends and all edges to ensure there are no burrs 0 burrs + 1 minor
+ 0 major

Material and appearance

Test Description Target Tolerance
Material Ensure the material is aluminum and will not rust by holding a magnet to the extrusion. Aluminum (no magnetic attraction) N/A
Sandblasting Inspect for thorough sandblasting coverage. 100% - 1%
Annodization Inspect for thorough annodization coverage. 100% - 1%


Test Description Target Tolerance
Drop-In Tee Nut Assemble a drop-in tee nut, M5 screw, and horizontal cable carrier support. Fasten the parts straight to an extrusion face and slot (without sliding the tee nut in from the end of the extrusion). The parts should fasten securely to the extrusion. N/A
Nut Bar Assemble a nut bar, M5 screw, and horizontal cable carrier support. Slide the parts into the slot from the end of the extrusion and tighten. The parts should fasten securely to the extrusion. N/A
V-Wheel Slide an assembled gantry wheel plate and an assembled cross-slide onto an extrusion and adjust the eccentric spacers. The subassemblies should glide smoothly along the full length of the extrusion. N/A