Common specs

cable 18AWG-3C
cable color Black
connector 1 3-pin waterproof screw-together connector
connector 2 3-pin black connector (Molex Part 2004561213)
CAD model Onshape
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Variant specs

Power Supply Cable - 3m

length 3m
Price $25.00
Quantity - Genesis 1
Quantity - Genesis XL 0
internal-part-name Power Supply Cable - 3m
rev B
cost $6.70

Power Supply Cable - 4.5m

length 4.5m
Price $35.00
Quantity - Genesis 0
Quantity - Genesis XL 1
internal-part-name Power Supply Cable - 4.5m
rev B
cost $8.50

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Length Measure the cable’s length using a tape measure. See BOM spec +/- 3cm
Diameter Measure the cable’s diameter using digital calipers. 6mm +/- 1mm
Cable Inspect cable spec. 18AWG-3C stranded copper cable N/A
Connector 1 Connect the cable’s screw-together connector to the power supply. Should connect N/A
Connector 2 Inspect the connector type. Should be a 3-pin plug (Molex 2004561213 N/A
Cable carrier fit Insert the cable and a water tube through the X-axis cable carrier (including through the end pieces). Should fit N/A
Electronics box fit Insert the cable and connector 2 through the slot in the bottom of the electronics box and then insert the supergland. Should fit N/A
Farmduino fit Connect the cable to the Farmduino’s 24V POWER IN connector. Should connect and power the board N/A
Color Inspect the part’s colors. Black cable
Black Molex connector