connector 1 Right-angle USB 2.0 Type A plug
connector 2 Right-angle microUSB 2.0 plug (prior to July 2022)
Right-angle USB-C plug (July 2022 and later)
length 300mm
color Black (prior to July 2022)
White or Black (July 2022 and later)
cable 28AWG/1p+24AWG/2c Shielded USB 2.0
Price $5.00
Quantity Genesis - 1
Genesis XL - 1
CAD model Onshape
Purchase The FarmBot Shop
internal-part-name Raspberry Pi Power Cable (prior to July 2022)
Raspberry Pi Power Cable - Type C (July 2022 and later)
rev A (prior to July 2022)
C (July 2022 and later)
cost $1.19

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Cable Inspect the cable spec. Shielded 28AWG/1p + 24AWG/2c

1p = 1 twisted pair (for data)
2c = 2 core (for power)
Connectors Connect the cable to a Raspberry Pi and Farmduino inside a fully assembled electronics box. The cable should connect to both circuit boards without interference from the box or other components. N/A
Length Measure the length using a measuring tape. 300mm +/- 5mm
Voltage drop Use USB voltage monitors to check the voltage before and after the cable. Less than 5% voltage drop 4.9V output minimum
Color Inspect the color of the cable. Black or White N/A

Some v1.6 kits include different Raspberry Pi Power Cables

Genesis and Genesis XL v1.6 kits shipped before July of 2022 included a black Raspberry Pi Power Cable with a microUSB connector to plug into the Raspberry Pi Model 3B+. v1.6 kits shipped during or after July of 2022 included a white or black Raspberry Pi Power Cable with a USB-C connector to plug into the Raspberry Pi Model 4B.