While FarmBot kits come with tracks that are 3m long for Genesis models and 6m long for Genesis XL models, you may want to shorten or lengthen the tracks to fit your specific needs. This page will explain how to do so.

Shorten the tracks

The easiest way to shorten the tracks is to remove extrusions. Should you want an overall track length different than the 1.5m increments the extrusions afford, then you will need to use a hacksaw or chopsaw to cut the extrusions to your desired length. You can shorten the tracks to a minimum length of around 0.5m.

Lengthen the tracks

If you would like to extend your tracks, you will need additional track extrusions and hardware, as well as longer x-axis cable carrier, belt, wiring, and tubing.

For serious hackers and DIYers only

We do not currently sell extension hardware, offer kits with tracks longer than 6m, or provide support for kits that are modified in this way.

Lengthening the tracks beyond what is included with your kit may introduce significant unforeseen problems to your FarmBot. If you decide to extend your tracks you will need to purchase and/or make the additional components on your own and troubleshoot any problems you run into. You may seek support in the community forum.

Extending beyond 6m may introduce additional challenges such as:

  • Voltage drop in the power supply cable.
  • Pressure drop in the water supply tubing.
  • Increased cable carrier weight and drag that can cause stalls.
  • Thermal expansion and contraction of the tracks that can cause gaps between extrusions.