The table below lists all of the components used in FarmBot Genesis grouped by category. To see detailed tech specs and photos of each component, start by clicking a category and then choosing a component from the following page.

Category Genesis Qty Genesis Subtotal XL Qty XL Subtotal
Extrusions 8 $205.00 13 $360.00
Plates and Brackets 25 $387.00 33 $557.00
Plastic Parts 53 $246.00 71 $300.00
Fasteners and Hardware 777 $193.70 966 $264.20
Drivetrain 39 $346.00 39 $416.00
Electronics and Wiring 69 $1,180.50 69 $1,330.50
Tubing 25 $111.50 25 $121.50
Miscellaneous 119 $108.25 119 $108.25
Supporting Infrastructure ***** 50 $200.00 80 $500.00
GRAND TOTAL 1,284 $2,977.95 1,415 $3,957.45

***** Supporting infrastructure is not included in FarmBot kits, but has been included here for estimation purposes. Part quantity and price will vary.

A note on pricing

The prices listed are for informational purposes for DIY builders interested in sourcing and manufacturing all of the FarmBot parts themselves.

The prices do not take into account shipping fees, taxes, import duties, minimum order quantities, waste, or the countless hours you will need to spend researching. If you are sourcing parts yourself, you might expect to pay about 20% more for the components than these tables indicate to account for all these factors. Meanwhile, you may be able to save some money if you are capable of manufacturing parts yourself (3D printing, machining, etc).

At this time we do not provide support for DIY builders beyond what is written in this open-source documentation as-is. If you need help building your own FarmBot from scratch, consider participating in the community forum.

Skip the DIY hassle

An unfortunate reality is that sourcing and manufacturing all of the FarmBot parts on your own is quite difficult and takes a lot of time and effort.

That’s why we sell complete FarmBot kits with everything you need in one box, backed by our customer support, and guaranteed to work. Our prices are competitive with doing everything yourself from scratch, and your purchase supports improving the open-source hardware plans, software, and documentation you are reading right now.

Order your FarmBot here!