Since v1.3, all FarmBot kits have included an LED strip. If you want to add LED lights to your v1.2 kit, simply purchase a 12v light strip, cut off the connector, strip the wires, and connect it to the RAMPS shield.

Applies to v1.2 kits
Benefit Medium
Cost Low
Difficulty Low

The upgrade requires the following parts:

Qty Part
1 12v LED strip

Adding lights to a v1.2 kit with upgraded electronics

If you had a v1.2 kit that you upgraded to Farmduino electronics, then you must make sure you get the correct voltage LED strip to match your electronics. v1.3 Farmduino boards run off 12V, so the same 12v LED strip mentioned above will work. v1.4 Farmduino boards run off 24v, so a 24v LED strip will be needed.

When you receive the LED strip (12v or 24v) make sure to leave the connector on so you can plug it straight into the Farmduino. Easy!