Many people wish to upgrade their FarmBots with new hardware as new versions are released. This can be a great way to give your bot new abilities, improve reliability or performance, or even fix an issue you may be having with your setup.

While there are many possible ways to upgrade a FarmBot, some ways will be inexpensive, easy, and offer great benefit, while other ways may not be worthwhile depending on your needs. In the sections below, we outline several popular upgrade paths from older versions to v1.4 hardware. This is not an exhaustive list of ways you can upgrade, but instead reflects the most worthwhile ways considering benefit, cost, and difficulty.

For more upgrade ideas, consider browsing the change log to see exactly what’s been changed from version to version.

Upgrades are not covered under warranty

Please note that our official warranty covers flaws in original stock kits and individual parts that you purchase. It does not cover damage that may happen from incorrectly installing mods, add-ons, and upgrades, even if those parts are purchased from us.

Please do your research before embarking on an upgrade and ask questions on the forum if you are unsure of anything.

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