This upgrade involves relocating the vacuum pump from the v1.2 rainproof box to the z-axis extrusion. This can improve suction power at the needle tip by significantly shortening the length of tubing needed. This will be of greater benefit if you experience issues picking up and holding seeds.

Applies to v1.2 kits
Benefit Medium to High
Cost Low
Difficulty Easy

The upgrade requires the following parts:

Qty Part
1 Vacuum pump mounting plate (may also be called peripheral mount plate)
1 Vacuum pump cover
1 4.3m vacuum pump cable
2 200mm zip ties
3 M5 x 16mm screws
2 M5 x 10mm screws
5 Tee nuts

If you are still using RAMPS electronics, you may need to cut off the black connector on the vacuum pump cable and strip 5mm of the insulation off both wires in order to use the RAMPS peripheral screw terminals.