Component List

Qty. Component
1 Z-Axis Extrusion (20 x 20 x 1000mm)
4 M3 x 12mm Screws
15 M5 x 10mm Screws
3 M5 x 16mm Screws
18 M5 Tee Nuts
4 Vertical Cable Carrier Supports
1 Z-Axis Motor Mount
1 NEMA 17 Stepper Motor with Rotary Encoder
1 Vertical Motor Housing
1 5mm to 8mm Flex Coupling
1 8 x 800mm Leadscrew
1 Vacuum Pump Mount
1 Vacuum Pump
1 Vacuum Pump Housing
2 200mm Zip Ties

1 hour

This is the estimated time it will take to assemble the z-axis.

Step 1: Attach the stepper motor to the Z-axis motor mount

Attach the stepper motor to the z-axis motor mount using four M3 x 12mm screws. The motor and encoder connectors should be facing the back flange of the mount.

Step 2: Attach the motor mount to the Z-axis extrusion

Handle with care

The aluminum extrusions may have sharp corners and edges.

Partially screw three M5 x 10mm screws and M5 tee nuts into the z-axis motor mount. Position the motor mount onto the z-axis extrusion as shown and tighten. Note that you will need to adjust the position of the motor mount once the cables have been connected and it is time to put the vertical motor housing on.

Step 3: Attach the flex coupling

Slide the 5mm to 8mm flex coupling onto the motor shaft and tighten the two setscrews with the 2mm hex driver. Ensure that the setscrews are positioned onto the flat parts of the motor shaft.

Step 4: Attach the leadscrew

Slide the leadscrew into the flex coupling and tighten the two setscrews.

Handle assembly carefully

At this point, the leadscrew is only connected to the rest of the z-axis assembly with the flex coupling. Take care to support the leadscrew when moving the assembly around (before it is fully supported by inserting it into the cross slide assembly) to avoid damaging the flex coupling.

Step 5: Attach the vertical cable carrier supports

Use two M5 x 10mm screws and M5 tee nuts to attach each of the four vertical cable carrier supports to the z-axis extrusion. Space the supports along the extrusion as shown.

Step 6: Attach the vacuum pump

Use three M5 x 16mm screws and M5 tee nuts to attach the vacuum pump mount to the z-axis extrusion.

Fasten the vacuum pump to the vacuum pump mount using two 200mm zip ties.

Attach the vacuum pump housing to the z-axis extrusion using two M5 x 10mm screws and M5 tee nuts.

Step 7: Attach the z-axis to the cross-slide

Slide the z-axis extrusion through the v-wheels on the cross-slide until the leadscrew is resting on the leadscrew block.

Adjust the eccentric spacers as needed

In order to slide the z-axis through the v-wheels you will need to adjust the eccentric spacers of the three v-wheels on the right side of the cross-slide. Refer to the eccentric spacer adjustment reference guide for how to do this.

Step 8: Screw the screw

Hand rotate the leadscrew clockwise so that it threads into the leadscrew block. Continue to hand rotate the leadscrew until the z-axis is halfway down.

Step 9: Install the hard stops

Attach a z-axis hardstop onto the backside of the z-axis extrusion approximately 200mm from the top of the extrusion using an M5 x 10mm screw and tee nut. Later, you can quickly adjust this to physically prevent FarmBot from ever moving too low within its working space, which could damage something.

Attach the other z-axis hardstop onto the backside of the z-axis extrusion approximately 100mm from the bottom of the extrusion. This prevents the z-axis from moving too high.

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