1 hour

This is the estimated time it will take to assemble the universal tool mount.

Step 1: Gather the parts and tools

Gather all the UTM parts from the table below and lay them out in a logical manner. To complete the assembly, you will also need the following tools:

Qty. Component
12 M3 x 30mm Screws
12 Compression Springs
12 M3 Locknuts
7 M5 x 16mm Screws
3 M5 Washers
4 M5 Tee Nuts
3 M5 Locknuts
1 Universal Tool Mount
12 Zipties
1 UTM Cable
3 1/4” barbs
3 O-Rings
3 Ring Magnets
4 Grommets

Step 2: Install the magnets

Handle magnets with care

In general, magnets are brittle and can be easily broken if dropped or if they attract to each other in an uncontrolled manner and collide. When handling your magnets, DO NOT separate them individually and place them on a table. It is too easy for two of them to attract to each other, collide, and break. Instead, keep them in a stack and pull them off individually as you mount them to the UTM and various tools.

Opposites attract

For the UTM to correctly mount tools, all magnets on the UTM and all tools must have the same polar orientation. For example, all of the magnets could have the North pole/face of the magnet facing towards the ground. This way, the North pole/face of the UTM magnets (which face the ground) will be attracted to the South pole/face of the tool magnets (which face the sky).

Which side is North and which is South does not matter. The important part is that the orientation of all the magnets are the same.

Insert an M5 x 16mm screw through one of the ring magnets. For the first magnet, the orientation of the magnet does not matter.

Insert the magnet and screw into the bottom of the UTM as shown.

Use the 3mm hex driver and the 8mm wrench to tighten an M5 locknut onto the screw.

Repeat the process above for the two remaining UTM magnets.

Before tightening the last two locknuts...

Ensure that the polar orientation of all the UTM magnets are the same. You can do this by holding a fourth magnet near the UTM magnets. Without flipping the magnet in your hand, it should either be attracted to all of the UTM magnets, or repelled from all of the UTM magnets. Again, it doesn’t matter which way they are installed, as long as they are all the same with respect to each other.

Step 3: Install the barbs

Use the 8mm wrench to screw in the three barbs into the top of the UTM. The barbs should be inserted in the holes labelled 1, 2, and 3.

Step 4: Install the o-rings

Slide three o-rings onto the UTM 1, 2, and 3 port cones. Each o-ring should be “seated” at the base of the port cone.

Step 5: Install the electronic contact screws

Place a spring on an M3 x 30mm screw and then insert the screw into the UTM.

Using the 2mm hex driver and the 5.5mm wrench, attach an M3 locknut onto the screw. Tighten the locknut until the spring is slightly compressed.

Repeat for all holes labelled A through L.

Step 6: Add grommets to the UTM cover

Insert four grommets into the UTM cover, ensuring that the grommet flanges are not folded or caught under themselves.

Step 7: Add mounting hardware

Lightly screw together four M5 x 16mm screws and M5 tee nuts into the mounting flanges of both the UTM and UTM cover.

What’s next?