In order to shorten the time it takes for you to assemble your FarmBot hardware, follow these preliminary steps.

15 minutes

This is the estimated time it will take for assembly preparation.

Please note the two videos below are of v1.2 kits. We are still working on the v1.3 videos. Thank you for your patience!

Organize your parts

When you first open up your FarmBot hardware package, pull out all of the component bags and boxes so that you develop a full idea of what’s included, and so that you can place them on a table in locations that make sense to you. For the most part, components are already organized inside the boxes, but it is still good to take a look over everything.

We'll make it right

If anything is missing or damaged from your box of components, let us know right away at We’ll ship out replacement parts as soon as we can.

Plan accordingly

FarmBot Genesis is a complex machine with over 1,000 components in total. Be prepared to spend the following amount of time assembling your FarmBot. Remember, these are just assembly time estimations. Depending on your skill level you may need more or less time. Consider assembling FarmBot with a friend to significantly speed things up and help reduce mistakes.

Subassembly Estimate Time Needed
Raised bed 8 hours
Tracks 2 hours
Gantry 2 hours
Cross-Slide 1 hour
Z-Axis 1 hour
Cables and Tubing 2 hours
UTM 1 hour
Electronics Box 2 hours
Tools 1 hour
TOTAL 20 hours with raised bed
12 hours for just FarmBot

What’s next?