Note: This image is of the back side of the gantry.

Component list

To prepare for assembly, gather all the components from the table below and lay them out in a logical manner. To complete the assembly in the next pages, you will also need the following tools:

2 hours

This is the estimated time it will take to assemble the Gantry.

Qty. Component
1 Gantry Main Beam (20 x 60 x 1500mm extrusion)
2 Gantry Columns (20 x 60 x 500mm extrusion)
2 Gantry Wheel Plates
2 Gantry Corner Brackets (left-hand and right-hand versions)
4 Belt Clips
8 M3 x 10mm Screws
72 M5 x 10mm Screws
18 M5 x 30mm Screws
10 M5 x 6mm Spacers
8 M5 x 6mm Eccentric Spacers
18 M5 Washers
72 M5 Tee Nuts
18 M5 Locknuts
2 Horizontal Motor Housings
7 Horizontal Cable Carrier Supports
18 Complete V-Wheels (one v-wheel, two bearings, and one M5 shim)
2 NEMA 17 Stepper Motor with Rotary Encoders
2 20 tooth GT2 Pulleys with setscrews
2 X-Axis GT2 Timing Belts

What’s next?