Component List

Gather all the parts from the table below and lay them out in a logical manner. To complete the assembly, you will also need the following tools:

Qty. Component
1 Z-Axis Extrusion (20 x 20 x 1000mm)
4 M3 x 10mm Screws
15 M5 x 10mm Screws
3 M5 x 16mm Screws
18 M5 Tee Nuts
4 Vertical Cable Carrier Supports
1 Z-Axis Motor Mount
1 NEMA 17 Stepper Motor with Rotary Encoder
1 Vertical Motor Housing
1 5mm to 8mm Flex Coupling
1 8 x 800mm Leadscrew
1 Vacuum Pump Mount
1 Vacuum Pump
1 Vacuum Pump Housing
2 200mm Zip Ties

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