While FarmBot is designed to be used and stored outdoors, you may want to bring it inside for the winter, or if an extreme weather event (such as a hurricane) is heading your way.

Step 1: Move FarmBot into a storage position

Use the web app’s manual controls to move the Y and Z axes to a suitable storage position. We recommend storing your FarmBot with the z-axis in a lowered position, and the cross-slide positioned near one of the gantry columns.

Move the X axis to one of the track end locations. This will facilitate removing the gantry from the tracks in Step 6.

Step 2: Disconnect the water supply

Turn off the water supply to your FarmBot. Then unscrew the garden hose adapter from the garden hose.

Using the web app, turn ON the water peripheral to open up the solenoid valve, allowing any remaining water in FarmBot’s tubing to drain.

Step 3: Unplug FarmBot

Using the web app, shutdown the FarmBot. Then unplug the power supply from the power source.

For v1.4+ kits, disconnect the power supply from the power supply cable.

Step 4: Disconnect the x-axis cable carrier

Remove the screws that hold the x-axis cable carrier to the cable carrier support. You may want to coil up the x-axis cable carrier, and secure the coil with a strap.

Step 5: Remove the x-axis belts

Remove the screws and tee nuts that hold the four belt clips located at the track ends. Then remove the belt clips from the tracks and coil up the loose belt length. Use twist ties or rubber bands to keep the belts coiled.

Step 6: Remove the gantry from the tracks

For Genesis sized devices, pull on the center of the gantry main beam to slowly slide the gantry off of the tracks.

For XL sized devices, you will need an additional person to help with this step. Each person should be positioned near a gantry column (one person on either side of the FarmBot). Pulling from the gantry columns, both people must work in unison to slowly slide the gantry off of the tracks.

Step 7: Put everything in storage

Move the gantry, tools, power supply, and hardware into your preferred storage location.

Tracks and toolbays can probably stay

It is generally not necessary to remove the tracks or toolbays for winter. However, if you expect large debris (such as tree branches) to fall near the bed, these components could still get damaged and may be removed if desired.