Components subject to plastic part tests: All parts listed here.

Size and shape

Test Description Target Tolerance
Overall size Measure the overall length, width, and height with digital calipers. See spec in CAD models. +/- 0.5mm
M3 hole size Measure the diameter of M3 holes using digital calipers. 3.25mm nominal +/- 0.1mm
M5 hole size Measure the diameter of M5 holes using digital calipers. 5.25mm nominal +/- 0.1mm
Injection completeness Inspect part to ensure injection process completed without air pockets. 100% - 1%
Shrink Inspect part for shrinkage. No shrunken spots Minor shrink on non-critical faces is permissible
Ejector pins Inspect ejector pin sites for dimensionally significant artifacts. 0mm deviation from intended shape +/- 0.2mm

Material and appearance

Test Description Target Tolerance
Color Inspect parts for discoloration. See part spec N/A
Surface texture Inspect for thorough texture coverage on applicable surfaces. 100% - 1%


Test Description Target Tolerance
Brass inserts Check for presence and size of brass inserts. All inserts must be present and of the correct threads and depth. N/A
M3 screws Insert M3 screws into M3 holes to ensure fit. Screws should be insertable without interference. N/A
M5 screws Insert M5 screws into M5 holes to ensure fit. Screws should be insertable without interference. N/A
Nut bars Fasten nut bars of appropriate lengths between holes according to FarmBot system design. Nut bars should be fastenable without screw/hole interference. N/A
Extrusion slots Fasten part to an extrusion according to FarmBot system design. Part should mate with extrusion slot as intended. N/A
Cable carrier Fasten cable carrier end pieces to cable carrier supports. End pieces should fasten flush to mounting surface and have adequate clearance on sides. N/A
Vacuum pump Fasten together the vacuum pump, vacuum pump mount, vacuum pump housing, and the z-axis extrusion according to the FarmBot system design. The vacuum pump and mount should fit inside the housing without interference. N/A