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Step 1: Attach pogo pins to the PCB

Attach 12 pogo pins to the UTM PCB using 24 jam nuts (2 per pogo pin).

Step 2: Mount the PCB and magnets

Insert the UTM PCB into the UTM. It is keyed, and should only fit in one orientation.

Slide a ring magnet onto an M5 x 16mm screw. The magnet’s South face should be butted against the screw head.

Fasten the PCB in the UTM with the ring magnet and screw. Repeat with two more magnets and screws.

Ensure all magnets face the same direction

All magnets must be mounted in the same magnetic orientation. The North faces should be butted up against the PCB while the South faces should butted against the screw heads.

Step 3: Add o-rings

Slide three x-profile o-rings onto the UTM.

Step 4: Add barbs

Screw three barbs into the top of the UTM.