There are two versions of the plastic parts box: one for Genesis kits and one for Genesis XL kits (denoted by an XL sticker). The table below shows the items that should be packed into each version.

Packing list

Item Sub-packing Genesis Qty Genesis XL Qty
40mm Horizontal Cable Carrier Support None 12 24
60mm Horizontal Cable Carrier Support None 6 12
60mm Vertical Cable Carrier Support None 4 4
60mm Cable Carrier Spacer Block None 1 1
75mm Horizontal Motor Housing None 3 3
80mm Vertical Motor Housing None 1 1
Vacuum Pump Housing None 1 1
Vacuum Pump Mount None 1 1
Solenoid Valve Mount None 1 1
Seeder None 1 1
Watering Nozzle Top and Watering Nozzle Bottom Bottom should be inserted into top. No other sub-packing. 1 set 1 set
Weeder None 1 1
Pack of:
- 4x Wide Weeder Blades
- 4x Medium Weeder Blades
- 4x Narrow Weeder Blades
Press-to-seal bag 1 pack 1 pack
Soil Sensor None 1 1
Seed Bin None 2 2
Seed Tray None 2 2
Seed Trough Holder None 1 1
Seed Troughs None 2 2
Camera Mounts None 2 2

Box specifications

Box style Top flap (standard FarmBot box design)
Inner dimensions (L x W x H)  
Outer dimensions (L x W x H)  
Material Cardboard
Color Brown
Printing None
Sticker XL sticker for Genesis XL kits
Fill Recycled kraft paper