Components subject to plate and bracket tests:

Size and shape

Test Description Target Tolerance
Overall size Measure the overall length, width, and height with digital calipers. See spec in CAD models. +/- 0.5mm
M3 hole size Measure the diameter of M3 holes using digital calipers. 3.25mm +/- 0.1mm
M5 hole size Measure the diameter of M5 holes using digital calipers. 5.25mm +/- 0.1mm
Eccentric spacer hole size Measure the diameter of eccentric spacer holes using digital calipers. 7.18mm + 0.05mm
Squareness Measure the angle of any 90 degree bends using a digital angle finder. 90 deg +/- 0.5 deg
Deburred Inspect all edges to ensure there are no burrs 0 burrs + 1 minor
+ 0 major

Material and appearance

Test Description Target Tolerance
Material Ensure the material is aluminum and will not rust by holding a magnet to the part. Aluminum (no magnetic attraction) N/A
Sandblasting Inspect for thorough sandblasting coverage. 100% - 1%
Annodization Inspect for thorough annodization coverage. 100% - 1%
Engraving Inspect engravings for aspect ratio, sharpness, and completeness. No stretch or skew.
Sharp edges.
100% complete.


Test Description Target Tolerance
M3 screws Insert M3 screws into M3 holes to ensure fit. Screws should be insertable without interference. N/A
M5 screws Insert M5 screws into M5 holes to ensure fit. Screws should be insertable without interference. N/A
Eccentric spacers Insert an eccentric spacer into an eccentric spacer hole to ensure fit. Spacer should fit snug without excessive play. Light tapping with a hammer is permissible.
Nut bars Fasten nut bars of appropriate lengths between holes according to FarmBot system design. Nut bars should be fastenable without screw/hole interference. N/A
Motors Attach motors according to the FarmBot system design. M3 screws should fasten without screw/hole interference. Motor shaft should be centered in hole and make no contact with the plate or bracket. N/A