The watering nozzle accepts a concentrated stream of water coming from the UTM and turns it into a gentle shower for your plants.

Step 1: Assemble the watering nozzle

Press the watering nozzle bottom into the watering nozzle top. The two pieces only fit together in one orientation.

Step 2: Install the basic tool hardware

Install the magnets and tool verification jumper link using M5 x 30mm screws and M3 x 10mm screws and the instructions in the basic tool hardware reference guide. The M5 screws will secure the watering nozzle bottom and the watering nozzle top together.

Step 3: Assemble the solenoid valve and pressure regulator

Insert rubber gaskets into the female ends of the pressure regulator, the garden hose to barb adapter, and both NPT to barb adapters. Then screw one of the NPT to barb adapters onto the solenoid valve inlet, the pressure regulator onto the solenoid valve outlet, and the second NPT to barb adapter onto the pressure regulator.

Note that the garden hose to barb adapter and NPT to barb adapters look very similar. If the threads don’t engage correctly, you may have grabbed the wrong adapter.

Step 4: Attach the solenoid valve

Attach the solenoid valve to the solenoid valve mount using two 200mm zip ties. Then attach the solenoid valve mount to the left gantry column using two M5 x 10mm screws and M5 drop-in tee nuts. Cables should be routed between the mount and the box.

Step 5: Wire up the solenoid valve

Connect the solenoid valve cable to the solenoid valve’s terminals. Note: in a few steps from now, you will connect the other end of the cable to the Farmduino.

Step 6: Connect the tubing

Push the water tube coming from the y-axis cable carrier onto the upper NPT to barb adapter. Then push the water tube coming from the x-axis cable carrier (where it is mounted to the gantry) onto the lower NPT to barb adapter.

Step 7: Connect FarmBot to the water source

Screw the garden hose to barb adapter onto the garden hose. Note that you will need to provide a garden hose of the appropriate length to connect FarmBot to your municipal water source - one is not provided with the FarmBot kits. Then push the water tube coming from the bottom of the x-axis cable carrier onto the barb.

What’s next?