As an alternative to building a full raised bed, you may consider mounting your FarmBot to pier block supports.

2 hours

This is the estimated time it will take to set up pier block supports.

Step 1: Attach wood blocks to piers

Cut short pressure treated wood blocks for attaching to the pier blocks. Depending on the pier block you purchased, you may need to use 2x4” (45x90mm) or 4x4” (90x90mm) pieces of wood at a length between 100 and 150mm.

Attach each block to a pier using wood screws compatible with the pier block’s bracket and rated for the outdoors.

Step 2: Position the piers

Position the piers according to a diagram below for a maximally sized growing area for FarmBot Genesis or Genesis XL. You may also position the two tracks closer together if you are space constrained. Keep in mind that the outer dimensions of your supporting infrastructure must not exceed the maximum dimensions.

Maintain access

Position your pier blocks such that you will be able to access all sides of your FarmBot and garden.

Parallel or bust

It is critical that the distance between the two tracks is consistent. If it is not, there will be harmful forces placed on the gantry and tracks as the gantry moves across the non-parallel tracks.

Infrastructure complete!

Your pier block supports are now ready for FarmBot installation!

What’s next?