The rotary tool features a 24 volt DC motor, interchangeable implements, and an adjustable motor angle allowing FarmBot to perform light duty weed whacking, soil surface milling, and drilling operations.

This tool, and FarmBot in general, is designed for removing weeds early and often such that the weeds are always small, young, and fragile, and therefore easily removed.

What makes this possible is FarmBot’s diligence. FarmBot has 24 hours a day to maintain your garden meticulously. It can be configured to remove weeds every single day that a human would never waste their time with. This prevents weeds from even having a chance at becoming a real problem.

If you configure FarmBot well, you will never even notice weeds in your garden because they will never have a chance to survive beyond germination. Over time, the number of weed seeds in your growing area will approach zero.

Not a full-blown weed whacker

Do not expect this tool to operate like a full-blown weed whacker. It is not nearly as powerful as your typical hand-held lawn and garden equipment. Thus, we recommend configuring your FarmBot to weed frequently so that weeds do not have a chance at becoming large and established.

Pre-assembled for your convenience

The rotary tool comes pre-assembled.

Safety considerations

The Rotary Tool’s motor is fairly low powered relative to other common household tools and garden equipment:

Equipment Power (watts)
FarmBot Genesis Rotary Tool Less than 10
Hand-held Dremel tool 100+
Electric weed trimmer 150 to 300

However, even though the tool is fairly low powered, some commonsense precautions should be taken when using the tool:

  • Do not connect or disconnect the tool from the UTM by hand when the FarmBot is powered on.
  • Do not change the tool’s implement (drill bit, for example) while it is mounted to the UTM.
  • Keep hands, feet, hair, and other body parts away from the tool when mounted to the UTM, especially when the tool is powered.
  • When the tool is powered, maintain a safe distance and be mindful of debris (rocks, sticks, dirt) that may be kicked up.
  • If closer observation is absolutely necessary while the tool is being used, use appropriate protective equipment such as safety glasses, a face shield, and/or protective clothing.

Changing the motor angle

The angle of the rotary tool’s motor can be adjusted +/- 70 degrees to allow for more aggressive weed whacking. To adjust the angle, loosen or remove the two M3 x 12mm screws holding the motor to the upper half of the tool. Position the motor at the desired angle and retighten the screws.

Using the shaft extension

In certain configurations of the rotary tool, you may need to use the rotary tool shaft extension to provide extra distance between the tool itself and the implement being used. To use the shaft extension, remove any implement currently being used. Screw the shaft extension onto the motor and then re-attach the implement.

Using the drill chuck

The rotary tool can be configured with the included rotary tool chuck to perform light duty drilling operations with most standard drill bits smaller than 5mm. To use the drill chuck, set the motor angle to vertical and remove any implement currently being used. Then screw the rotary tool chuck adapter onto the motor, followed by the rotary tool chuck.

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