Each V-Wheel consists of four components:

Step 1: Insert the first bearing

Press one bearing into the V-wheel.

Make sure everything is straight

It can be easy to accidentally press in a bearing crooked. Try your best to avoid this as you could damage a wheel this way.

The sound of success

If all goes well, you should here a satisfying ‘pop’ each time a bearing fits into the wheel.

Step 2: Insert the precision shim

Insert the precision shim such that it is resting on the first bearing on the inside of the wheel. Try to position the shim in the center of the wheel.

Step 3: Insert the second bearing

Press the second bearing into the V-wheel.

Shimmy the shim

If the second bearing doesn’t seem to fit all the way into the wheel, its probably because the shim is misaligned. Use a small screwdriver to push the shim into the center of the wheel, and then push the bearing in the rest of the way.