As an alternative to building a full raised bed, you may consider mounting your FarmBot to simple wood posts buried or cemented in the ground.

2-4 hours

This is the estimated time it will take to setup wood posts.

Step 1: Dig post holes

Dig post holes approximately 400mm deep using a shovel, auger, post hole digger, pick axe, and/or other appropriate gardening tools according to the spacing diagram shown below. Keep in mind that the outer dimensions of your supporting infrastructure must not exceed the maximum bed size for your FarmBot.

Maintain access

Position your posts such that you will be able to access all sides of your FarmBot and garden.

Step 2: Install posts

Cut and insert 500mm pressure treated wood posts into each hole. The top of the posts should protrude 60mm to 100mm out of the ground.

Perfect alignment

To ensure the posts are aligned properly and the same height, you may want to use a level. It is best to install the corner posts first and tie a guide string around the perimeter to ensure the middle posts are properly aligned.

It is critical that the distance between the two tracks is consistent. If it is not, there will be harmful forces placed on the gantry and tracks as the gantry moves across the non-parallel tracks.

Step 3: Bury or cement the posts in place

Once you have positioned the posts, bury them or pour concrete in the holes. Then double check all of the alignments and spacing before the soil settles or the concrete cures. Refer to the diagrams above for recommended dimensions.

Infrastructure complete!

Your wood posts are now ready for FarmBot installation!

What’s next?