Common specs

light color White 6000K
lead length 1m
cable color Black
connector Black 2-pin ([Molex Part Number 151049-2206](
CAD model Onshape
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notes LED strip should NOT have an adhesive backing. Cut end must be dipped in silicon to seal.

Variant specs

LED Strip - 1.5m

strip length 1.5m
Price $25.00
Quantity - Genesis 1
Quantity - Genesis XL 0
internal-part-name LED Strip - 24V, 1.5m (Genesis)
rev A
cost $6.60

LED Strip - 3m

strip length 3m
Price $50.00
Quantity - Genesis 0
Quantity - Genesis XL 1
internal-part-name LED Strip - 24V, 3.0m (Genesis XL)
rev A
cost $12.00

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Connector Connect the LED strip to a Farmduino peripheral plug. Part should connect as expected N/A
Cable color Inspect the color of the cable. Black N/A
Cable length Measure the length of the cable using a measuring tape. 1m +/- 20mm
LED color Turn on an LED strip and inspect the color of the light. Cool white (6000K) N/A
LED strip length Measure the length of the LED strip using a measuring tape. See BOM spec +/- 30mm
LED strip cut end Inspect the cut end of the LED strip. Cut end should be sealed with silicon rubber N/A
Double-sided tape Inspect the LED strip for double-sided tape. The part should not have any tape or other adhesives along its length N/A