Wire Type 18 AWG stranded copper, two core
Outer color Black
Inner Colors Red and black
Heat Shrink color Black
connector 1 Black 2-pin connector (Molex Part Number 151049-2206)
connector 2 Pre-stripped wire (no connector)
length 10cm
Price $3.00
Quantity Genesis - 0
Genesis XL - 0
CAD model Onshape
Purchase The FarmBot Shop
internal-part-name Peripheral Lead
rev A
cost $1.30
notes Kits from production 1 included 2 peripheral leads. Due to a connector shortage and subsequent connector change, kits from production 2 do not include any peripheral leads.

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Connector and continuity Connect the lead to a Farmduino and power the peripheral. Use a voltmeter to measure the voltage at the exposed leads. The cable’s connectors should connect as expected and the voltage should be 24V. N/A
Length Measure the length using a tape measure. 10cm +/- 1cm
Cable Inspect the cable’s spec. 18AWG-2C stranded copper cable N/A
Shrinkwrap Inspect the color of the shrinkwrap. Black N/A
Color Inspect the color of the cable. Black outer, black and red inner N/A

Quantities may vary

Genesis and Genesis XL v1.6 kits shipped before July of 2022 included 2 of these peripheral leads. Due to global supply chain disruptions, kits shipped on or after July of 2022 did not include any peripheral leads.