Wire Type 18 AWG stranded copper, two core
Outer color Black
Inner Colors Red and black
Heat Shrink color Black
connector 1 Black 2-pin connector, Molex Part Number 151049-2206 (prior to July of 2022)
Black 2-pin connector, Molex Part Number 50579402 (January 2023 and later)
connector 2 Pre-stripped wire (no connector)
length 10cm
Price $3.00
Quantity Genesis - 1
Genesis XL - 1
CAD model Onshape
Purchase The FarmBot Shop
internal-part-name Peripheral Lead
rev B
cost $1.30
notes Kits from production 1 included two Rev A peripheral leads. Due to a connector shortage and subsequent connector change on the Farmduino, kits from production 2 did not include any peripheral leads. Production 3 included Rev B peripheral leads with the new connector.

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Connector and continuity Connect the lead to a Farmduino and power the peripheral. Use a voltmeter to measure the voltage at the exposed leads. The cable’s connectors should connect as expected and the voltage should be 24V. N/A
Length Measure the length using a tape measure. 10cm +/- 1cm
Cable Inspect the cable’s spec. 18AWG-2C stranded copper cable N/A
Shrinkwrap Inspect the color of the shrinkwrap. Black N/A
Color Inspect the color of the cable. Black outer, black and red inner N/A

Quantity and connector may vary

Genesis and Genesis XL v1.6 kits shipped before July of 2022 included two peripheral leads with the larger connector. Due to global supply chain disruptions, kits shipped after July of 2022 did not include any peripheral leads. Kits shipped in January 2023 and later included a new revision of the part with a smaller connector.