Inlet 3/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread)
Outlet 3/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread)
Operation Normally closed
Working Pressure Range 0.02 to 0.8 Mpa (3 to 116 PSI)
Flow Direction One-way, indicated by an arrow molded into the plastic
Input Voltage 24V
Current Draw 160mA
Power Consumption 3.84 watts
Electrical Tabs Direction Facing towards the inlet
Price $15.00
Quantity Genesis - 1
Genesis XL - 1
CAD model Onshape
Purchase The FarmBot Shop
internal-part-name Solenoid Valve - 24V, 3/4" NPT
cost $2.60

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Threads Screw an NPT to barb adapter (with rubber gasket) onto the inlet. Connect a tube to the barb and pressurize the system with municipal water. Adapter should thread on as expected and the system should hold water without leaking. N/A
Voltage Connect the solenoid valve to a Farmduino and test operation. Opens and does not get hot with 24V input +/- 3V
Terminal size Connnect a solenoid valve cable. The cable’s connectors should connect to the terminals as expected N/A
Terminal direction Inspect the direction the terminals face. Terminals should face the inlet N/A
Normal state Try to blow air through the solenoid valve when it is unplugged/inactive. Air should not pass through (the valve should be closed) N/A
Pressure Range Inspect the label on the solenoid valve for the working pressure range. 0.02 to 0.8 Mpa
(3 to 116 PSI)