If you live somewhere that gets cold enough to prevent growing during certain times of the year then consider putting FarmBot in an inexpensive greenhouse to extend your growing season. We recommend purchasing a greenhouse that is at least 12’ x 7’ x 7’ (3.65m x 2.15m x 2.15m) in size. This greenhouse from Amazon is only $100 and is shown in the photos below.

Inspiration only

Please use the following information for inspiration only. The instructions are not necessarily complete or guaranteed to work, and may not satisfy your needs. If you would like help in modifying/adding-on to your FarmBot, consider posting in the community forum.

Assembly instructions

Follow the greenhouse manufacturer’s instructions to setup the greenhouse. In general, this will be a four step process:

  1. Assemble the frame
  2. Stake/secure the frame in place
  3. Pull the plastic sheeting over the frame
  4. Secure the sheeting to the frame

Control the greenhouse environment with FarmBot

It is possible to control your greenhouse’s environment with fans, automated exhaust flaps, lights, heating elements, and more by using relays.